29 November, 2010

Apple's iPad: Operating system and embedded software

iPad OS and Software

iPad doesn't differ from iPhone devices or the iPod Touch in terms of the core of the operating system used, and it's also can be updated to the latest firmware of the iOS 4.2, but Apple has made great efforts to represent the default applications user interface and the device's menus to achieve the best possible use of the large screen, and the idea that settled in the minds of Apple's developers, that the screen is able to display two pages facing each other, both of them are displaying information at the same time and most of the default applications had come with this format with exception of the web browser Safari, that Apple fads in presenting it in the same form of the Safari's desktop browser and in fact it's logical, because that the main purpose which iPad prepared for is browsing the Internet.

iPad Settings Menu
 Apple produced iPad with a new chip processor, which is also added to the iPhone 4 later, called A4 chip processor which is considered the latest most advanced part that Apple provided in this field, surly that is really positively affect the performance as it expected perfectly proportioned without any lags from the device. The App Store programs and the iTunes store added to those the media player were all came as the perfection of the full image of these services on a computer via iTunes.

iPad A4 Chip Processor

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