29 November, 2010

Smart Alarm Clock for iPhone and iPod Touch

Smart Alarm Clock iphone application

Today I will tell you about a good application experience which is Smart Alarm Clock. This application is not just an alarm can wake you up, it is such a unique type of alarm clock application which cannot only just waking you up on the time that you defined before but add to this it can wake you up even if you didn't defined an exact time, you will ask me why?! I can tell you that this application can wake you up in the time that your brain and body will be already satisfied of sleeping well....

This application monitors your sleep cycles and wakes you up at the best time for your brain and body. Sometimes I sleep and stay sleeping for more than the time that I need to sleep, then I wake up with a headache in my head and that surly affects my whole day performance, with that application I can sleep putting it beside me on the bed on it's face and it will alarm me when I got the sleeping period that my body and brain need.

To feel good and energetic during the day, you need to wake up at the time which is the best for your body – during the REM (rapid eye movement) sleep phase when the awakening threshold is minimal. You will find more details about it's features at it's iTunes page.

The good thing that I found in this application is that it works however you have turned your screen off or the standby button.

Smart Alarm Clock Free Version Download

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