About Us


I want to welcome you all to my new blog about Apple's handheld devices. In this blog I will try to feed you with the most up to date apple's handheld devices news, announcements, best reviewed applications and downloads.

Many of us don't know any information or features of such wonderful devices called iPhones and iPods or may be didn't had a try to own one yet, I will show these people the devices features that deliver most of the action and fun which can change the rhythm of their lives.

In my lifetime I tried using many handheld devices and phones with different brands and systems, and I was always getting bored from them quickly till I owned my first iPhone and it was the first generation of it then i discovered that I was dumb being away of this wonderful device. Great device, amazing system and hardware build, amazing store, amazing applications and best support. I just said oh my God where i have been all that time using such a useless devices, and decided that from that point I will own no phone device except iPhone.

And because I like Apple's devices, technology and it's amazing applications, I decided to build the blog specially for those amazing devices. I am Mustafa Barakat, 30 years old, from Egypt and I would like to invite you all to feel free surfing my blog and I hope that you will gonna enjoy it.

Mustafa Barakat
Apple Shuttle Admin.