29 November, 2010

Apple's iPad: Keyboard

iPad Keyboard

Although I have a tablet laptop already but as long as the laptop has a real keyboard, that makes it more heavier and bigger, added to this that my laptop's screen is not a Multi-Touch screen, then the iPad is more suitable for me that's because of it's compact size and it's Multi-Touch keyboard, adding to this the quality technology of the iPad touch which is so sensible for your finger touches what makes you feel that you are not complete touching the screen and it is just applying what you want type.

The first time I tried to use the iPad keyboard, I imagined my self writing documents, writing articles, writing notes and using it in the internet and really it was such an amazing opportunity to try it well for the first time. The keyboard on the vertical use of the iPad is just little bit seems to be hard to use and it needs habituation but on the horizontal use of the iPad you will just feel like you are typing on a real keyboard and the only difference is just its a touchy keyboard and sure it is so good for me.

The main thing you have to do is putting the device in a position suitable for writing, and you will gonna habit using it every time with no problem,  otherwise buying an external keyboard with dock or buying a holder which I really recommend for a stable use such as writing articles or notes while you are setting down on a table or a desk otherwise if you will gonna use it while standing up, its better to hold it by a one hand and then you can write with the other hand.
The vertical position keyboard you can use it well in writing short notes or filling short sectors such as e-mail messages or filling any account information, while typing on the keyboard with your both thumbs in addition to holding the device in the same time, is not easy at all and I don't recommend it any way - unlike the iPhone, which this method is probably the fastest way to write on it.

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