30 November, 2010

Apple's iPad: Screen

iPad Screen

The iPad screen is really something you will love because of it's size and it's sharpness and pretty colors, adding to this the great contrast and colors accuracy. The experience of viewing HD movies on the iPad is such an amazing experience which makes you love to watch movies, videos and pictures on it.

Apple made the iPad screen from the type of LED-Backlit IPS (In-Plane-Switching) Display providing high resolution 9.7 inches LED display with a remarkable crisp and vivid colors and edges, which makes it a perfect screen for watching movies, viewing and editing photos and also for internet browsing.

iPad picture by Apple
The IPS technology which Apples used in the iPad screen allows you to watch your movies or browse internet with a wide viewing angle of 178° that shall give you the ability to hold it at any way you need with no color reduction or any changes to the contrast.

As we used to see Apple's handheld devices are all operating with touching, iPad also got a Multi-Touch screen which is based on the same great technology on the iPhone. But in the iPad as Apple said that this technology has been completely reengineered and reproduced for the larger iPad size which makes it more comfortable to use and more easier to work on it with no need to gazing. So you can now do whatever you would do with your netbook or with your mackboock from browsing the internet, editing photos, checking emails and also playing, and the iPad will respond to you with no delay at all with an incredible accuracy.

iPad picture by Apple

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