06 December, 2010

Introduction to Apple's iPhone 4

Apple's iPhone 4 is the biggest technology revolution ever that came to the whole generations of Apple's smart phones which comes with a sleek elegant design, new amazing screen, fast processor and many new collections of functions and features that deliver the most tech revolution within your hands.

Apple's iPhone 4 also comes with the newest Apple's operating system ios 4 which produce a huge collection of new features adding to this improving the performance of some old features and functions with outstanding efficiency.

Most of iPhone owners and fans saw that the Multitasking feature which comes for the first time to iPhone that its the most important system feature, adding to this the Face Time application for video calling which provide the concept of the video conferences for the first time ever in iPhone.

Apple's iPhone 4 comes in markets with 2 different capacities 16GB and 32GB, and you can own it in US for just 199$ for the 16GB version and for 299$ for the 32GB version which produced exclusively by AT&T network with a service contract of 2 years, However if you want own it not bound with any network you will gonna pay more and you will afford to pay 599$ for the 16GB version and 699$ for the 32GB version, While you can find iPhone 4 price in Egypt between 4,500 LE to 4,660 LE for the locked version of 16GB which is produced by Vodafone Egypt or Mobinil networks and between 6,000 LE to 7.200 LE for the officially unlocked version, Which is a very high price compared to the current price listed in US websites or stores as an example.

God willing I will follow this post with some new posts making a spot on every advantage or feature you can gain it by owning iPhone 4.

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