06 December, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4: The Design

iPhone 4 Design

Although iPhone 3g or 3gs has a new nice design compared with the original iPhone but the iPhone 4 came with some radical design changes compared with the older models of the iPhone smart phones.

You can now obviously notice that the front and the back side of the iPhone 4 were made of a hard type of glass and also have a terrific slim surface. The new design also features a steel made edge which never be able to get oxidized and it surrounds the whole body of the device, iPhone 4 now available in two colors the black and the white.

Although the new glassy faces that came with the new design may make you worry about the device of dust and finger prints and also may be more able to get smashed or broken, but "Steve Jobs" - The Apple's Executive Manager - Assured in his iPhone 4 presentation that the device will be more resistant for getting scratched or smashed than the plastic body which used in the older models of the iPhone generations.
Height: 4.5 inch
Width: 2.31 inch
Thickness: 0.37 inch (Most slim smart phone ever)
Weight: 137 g

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