06 December, 2010

iPhone 4: Hardware Overview

iPhone 4 Hardware Overview

There are many new items in the design of the iPhone 4 such as the new VGA camera that comes for the first time to iPhone which adding support for video calling and internet video conferences, adding to this a led flash light added beside the main rear device camera.

Also, Apple added new item which is a microphone with noise reduction technology, adding to this new buttons for volume control which is now separated compared by the older iPhone generations and also they changed the shape of the mute button and the way it adjusts.

While the big differences which Apple's iPhone 4 contains the Micro-Sim formula as in iPad's 3G Sim card, which is now located in the right side of the device, And "Steve Jobs" mentioned that already and he said that the Micro-Sim feature will leave some space which allowed to enlarge the size of the battery, but otherwise the iPhone 4 users will not be able to use the normal Sim Card any more.

And about the other control units in the iPhone design are remaining as it was as long as the Home button, the 3.5mm audio jack, noise reduction microphone, speakers, wired connection port with the normal 30 pins, and unfortunately till now users cannot manually change the battery and also the device package still contains the same accessories which was available with the older iPhones.

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