06 December, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4: Processor, Ram & Gyroscope

- Processor:
Apple used a chip processor from ARM Cortex A4 type, which works at speed of 1GHz and it's the same chip processor that used in the iPad, what makes the iPhone 4 the fastest iPhone ever with a great gap between it and the older iPhones.

I tried to test the speed of the processor by trying surfing the menus, opening applications and functions and i found that all are launching in a jiffy without any delay at all, Adding to this the property of multitasking, moving between applications and opening the shutter of the camera are also significantly fast.

- Ram:
As the double of the ram size used in iPad, Apple used a 512MB RAM in iPhone 4, which is more than enough for running applications and games with terrific performance.

- Gyroscope:
A gyroscope for who don't know what is it, its a unit that is responsible for maintaining or measuring the balance or directions with a specific state of movement around a fixed point.

After Apple have provide the 3GS compass, here it is going again and providing another innovation which is the gyroscope unit which is based on three axes, and what is the amazing here that its working in a combination with the accelerometer unit to provide the user the ability to sense the movement through six axes, which could mean a major benefit for the developers of games and programs.

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