06 December, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4: Camera

iPhone 4 camera review

I can say that the camera in the iPhone was always good but it was not distinct, which lacked the advantages presented in many of the cameras of other competitive smart phones, which is why the fans of the iPhone received the news - about providing the iPhone 4 with a camera have a distinct degree of clarity extends to 5 megapixel and supported for the first time in iphone with a LED flash and digital zoom capability to 5x - with huge rejoicing.

"The main rear and front vga camera"
The device is now have a new lighting sensor in the back side, but frankly the best feature is in the new camera that is the ability to shoot a high-definition video with HD quality of 720p and at a rate of 30 frames per second, and so is not the first phone that offers such a possibility, but in the same time it's providing it bundled with some more brilliant features which makes it rocks.

As an iPhone user and other iPhone users are looking forward for additional features in the camera in the future such as the ability to control the brightness and color tone and hope that Steve Jobs may read this and adds it in his plan next time.

The main camera's program interface came without a real change from what it was in the 3GS through a set of controls similar in the two devices. But what is new in the iPhone 4 is the new control button in the back which responsible for the operation of the backlight LED., As you can now choose between "Auto" mode and "always-on" mode, and at the top opposite corner there is a button control to switch between the front camera and the rear one, and can be use the front camera for shooting personal photos and also you can use it with video conferencing through the application of FaceTime which I will gonna talk about it later God willing. But actually the image quality of the front camera is not great because its a VGA camera which is one of the least-developed camera types from a technical standpoint.

About the digital zoom, it can be used through the screen by a specific bar which dedicated to this task during the imaging process with the rear camera and here you can reduce or increase the amount of convergence across your finger, you can also use the property of tap-to-focus for taking photos and shooting video, but it did not make a big difference in such a photography experience.

The experiments proved which has been made regarding the quality of photography have evolved a great deal for both still images or video, and Flash had a clear positive impact can now capture clear images in dark rooms where the camera captures the image immediately, and the video quality is also amazing, but you must to keep the phone in a stable position to get a good picture while the video does not contain any defects in the image, while the synchronization between sound and picture was amazing, adding to this that you can edit the footage by using the video editing feature which were also presented in the iPhone 3GS.

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