06 December, 2010

Apple's iPhone 4: Front Face & Screen

"Original iPhone"

iphone 4 screen & front face review

The first time I owned iPhone device as I mentioned before was the orginal iPhone and frankly it was rocks as it was my first owned iPhone, I was very impressed with its screen and the multitouch functionality, believe me its something great that you have a device you may feel that it applies your order without already touching it lol. The screen was very good and it's resolution was so good at that moment and colors also, but as you know the human being want more realistic colors, contrasts and resolutions.

One of the best things that Apple developed in iPhone 4 is the screen which called Retina Display while the screen type is a LED-Backlit IPS TFT type as the one used in the iPad with 1:800 Contrast Ratio and surely its a Capacitive Multitouch screen coming with 16m colors quality that giving you a resolution quality of (640 x 960 Pixels) and a size of 3.5 inches which is very satisfying size for me and I think also for you and Apple is keeping this screen size as it's official screen size for all iPhone models.

So, It is really an amazing piece of technology that deliver such a brilliant quality display to your eyes with superb colors, contrasts, clear texts and images which can be clearly viewed in the shiny daylight easily without needing to stare or gaze at it.

Also, Apple's iPhone 4 has a light sensor unit for auto adjusting the retina contrast and a proximity sensor for sensing the proximity of the device to auto switch off or while in a phone call as an example.

Adding to this the accelerometer sensor for auto rotating and finally the new Three-axis gyro sensor which I will gonna talk about it later separately God willing.

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