01 December, 2010

Introduction to Apple's iPad

Introduction to Apple's iPad

It's definitely an amazing thing that Apple is making a success after a success, that achieved when it released the newest iDevice that is surly operate by touching and carrying the modified version of the operating system Mac, which carries the name of the iPhone OS with an interface called Cocoa touch created by Apple from scratch to use in her iPhone about three years ago.

I think that Apple is now very impressed watching this interface to become one of the most important established interfaces produced by its engineers and are used in nearly 100 million units in such a brief period.

In fact I was also very impressed when I got my iPad. I must confess that I was not convinced with the idea of buying a device seems to be just a bigger iPhone which is I already own and I was not impressed with the idea when I was watching the videos showing Steve Jobs announcing about the iPad device for the first time in the past 27th of January, Yes, as is usual with Apple products, you marvel at these striking design lines while the words of Steve Jobs promotion was carefully selected, but I soon come back to ask and what is this vast difference between this new device and the iPhone and what is the new machine can offer for me while it is using the same operating system, I must say that the iPhone is such a wonderful device, but as a smart phone not as a tablet netbook.

Let me tell you my experience in the next posts and my review about Apple's iPad , All that you have to do just be patient and relax, who knows may this posts will help you changing your mind owning an iPad.

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