22 October, 2012

Glass-Pong Coming Soon to AppStore

When you feel bored, you should know that there is a game will take you away from this feeling, A game that as long as many of us played and playing it in real life either playing it alone or with friends sometimes when they have the opportunity. 

Glass-Pong is fun, now at your fingertips on your iPhone, iPod Touch and soon on your iPad, you don't need to go far looking for excitement and challenge, both are in your hands with this game. 

Glass-Pong is a game that you will never get bored of it, a game that is as simple as it is addictive. 

You have 10 balls to shoot and you have to try to get as many as you can of it inside the glass jumped from the table, just in

60 seconds. 

Try to score a number of successive goals to earn the Combo-X points before the combo timer's 5 seconds being passed. 

Every time you get a Combo-X in sequence, combo timer's time will increase giving you the chance to get up to X10 the ball score. 

Have a good estimating distance and speed skills? Try to get the ball inside the glass without touching any of its edges, scoring a perfect shot to double your ball score. 

Enjoy playing and try to get as many Combo-Xs and perfect shots as you can to earn the biggest number of points. 

Compete and challenge your friends getting the highest score either through the Game Center or by playing on the same device. 

Need more diversity, excitement and fun? Buy the game extras which will unlock: 

1- 10 extra playing balls. 

2- 5 new playing locations. 

3- Ads removal. 

Glass-Pong supported in both English and Arabic languages. 

Glass-Pong is your entertaining pocket game, simply you will love it. 

Coming very soon to AppStore

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