22 March, 2011

Currency Quotes for iPhone and iPod Touch

After the huge success Imagine Interactive accomplished with "Currency Quotes - Arabic Version". they announced the release of the international version of it and it is now available in the app store for iphone, ipod touch. Currency Quotes makes knowing conversion rates of a 150 currency and metal world wide super easy, and storing them so you can use them while offline a piece of a cake. it has a very functional / High Resolution user interface that supports iPhone 4 retina display.

Currency Quotes also gives the user the ability to select his/her favorite currencies to be able to directly switch to them in 1 touch instead of scrolling through all the currencies available every time. also unlike other programs, it really minimizes the amount of navigation needed to get the rate the user wants. through a very intuitive UI based on simple finger gestures the user can get his quotes within less than 3 seconds....

Also switching between currencies are super easy using a country's flag based navigation UI. it will greatly help the user to locate which currency he/she wants while scrolling between the currencies available.

It also offers an offline support feature which will be great for those who are not online 24/7 and still need to know the latest quotes from the time they were online. when the user convert from a currency to another the app will save this rate for the future with date/time flags that will help the user to know about when this rate was.

Available in the app store "Currency Quotes"
Requires iOS 3.2 or later (iOS 4 tested)
Price: FREE
In App Purchases: Offline Support & Ad Removal