27 November, 2010

iBasket for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

iBasket for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

Hi, I am here today to recommend a game for you to play, in fact it's another amazing game and also so simple but you will find it really very entertaining, adding to this the free version available in app store is one of the best free apps I have ever download in my whole iPhone lifetime.

The game is rocks as it so simple enough to enjoy it however it seems to be too hard to play but you will enjoy its hardness, after a while you will get the concept of the game and then you will start to make some good scores which can be competitive to the other scores submitted over the internet....

First time I play it I got just 200 points as a total score but time after time I managed to reach the score of 8000 points (not much in fact compared with the submitted scores I found from other players:))) with good effort to be focus in playing.

All you have to do is catching the ball with your finger, aiming and then throwing it towards the basket, a curved line will appear while you aiming showing you the throwing direction and also the power of throwing. You may get a clean shot, double score or triple score with your next throw, the clean throw means that you will gain some extra time to play to get higher score, while the X2 and X3 throw will give you the double or triple score in it's period time for each basket you get.

Finally, I can say that this game is very impressive to play spending some time trying to get higher score while competing your friends in some score challenges.

iBasket Free Version Download

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