27 November, 2010

Battery Master for iPhone and iPod Touch

Battery Master for iPhone

Battery Master is one of the very good applications that providing a very useful indications about your iDevice battery status. If you need to know how long you can watch your movie on your iPod or if you Want to estimate how long you can talk over your mobile network, Now with Battery Master you are able to be aware of the remaining hours and minutes for different uses at one glimps.

Battery Master shows you the current battery level of iPhone /iPod Touch and the remaining time for standby, audio, video, Internet browsing in different scenarios. It can also notify you while your iPhone/iPod Touch is fully charged.....

I can say that Battery Master is a good simple handy tool that you can use it every time you will gonna be out of your home or about to travel, using it will make you approximately know if you are in need to charge before leaving otherwise, the battery have enough power to make the device alive for a while.


Battery Master Free Version Download

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