15 December, 2010

Four Apple products in TIME's Top 10 Gadgets list

In the list of Time magazine's famous top ten Electronic Products in 2010, and in that list there are four Apple products and  iPad was in the first place of the list and then the second place was awarded to the android based Samsung Galaxy S which considered as the rival of the iPhone. The third place went to MacBook Air 11-inch which was launched some time ago.

Two more Apple products filled the sixth and seventh slots on the list. The iPhone 4 got the honor of being in the top 10 list, followed by the second-generation Apple TV. Both devices deserved their spot on the list; the iPhone 4 has overcome the "grip of death" stigma to be a best-seller, while the new Apple TV is a vast improvement over the first generation in both capability and design.

TIME also featured a list of the Top 10 iPhone Apps, with Netflix, Groupon, and iMovie taking the top three spots. I had to agree with many of the apps, although the low iTunes reviews for Hulu Plus make me wonder if they actually tried some of them. Absent from the list was the perennial top-selling Angry Birds, which will probably make the birds angry.

You can see the whole list here.

If you were writing these lists, what would be in your top 10 for gadgets and apps? Leave your ideas in the comments.

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